Film & Animation

Latino Art Beat offers a Film & Animation competition to currently enrolled high school and early college age students (under 21 years of age). Student filmmakers may submit films (current productions or films made within the last year) from the following categories: (a) Narratives, (b) Documentaries, (c) PSA’s and (d) Animation. The student’s may choose the theme, unless otherwise stated. Language and content must generally comply with “G-Rated” films.

Latino Art Beat has had partnerships with the Miami Short Film Festival, the Chicago Latino Film Festival and the HollyShorts Film Festival, Los Angeles where select competition winner’s films were screened. Other film festivals partners may join our national film program. Watch your local media for announcements. Please watch the LATINO ART BEAT 2014 Youth Short Filmmakers awards at the 10th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival, Hollywood.

Guidelines for submitting film competition entries

  1. Original DVD’s are accepted, unless (a) instructed to submit electronically directly to one of our film festival partners or (b) via WeTransfer, YouTube, Vimeo, Drop box or other electronic media. Such entries must be accompanied by the Film Competition Entry Form (see below) and the appropriate link and password. Films published online (which are not private) may be disqualified.
  2. Please save your original format as it may be required should your film entry be selected as one of the winners.
  3. A still photograph from your film entry will be required from all winners.
  4. All film entries must be labeled both on the DVD (in black marker pen) and on the jewel-box with the film’s title, student directors’ name, the name of the school or college and the exact RUNNING TIME (i.e., 05: 04 mins) in addition to having the official Latino Art Beat Film Competition Entry Form completed and attached.
  5. STRICTLY 15 minutes or less running-time (including titles and credits.)
  6. An appropriate “Film Competition Entry Form” must be completed and handed to your video or visual arts teacher at participating high schools. A “Teachers Inventory Form” will be completed by the video teacher to accompany all film entries. Email a request to for copies of the appropriate entry forms.
  7. All DVD entries are to be sent directly by the high school visual arts teacher to Latino Art Beat in Chicago for national judging. College students or students submitting from cities other than those participating with Latino Art Beat may send their film entries on DVD or online, directly to Latino Art Beat along with the entry form.
  8. Select winners will be awarded scholarships.

2014 Latino Art Beat National Youth Film Competition Winner

Don Rossi Nuccio and Adam and Daniel Cooper 2014 Latino Art Beat National Youth Film Competition Winner in collaboration with the 10th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival,
Hollywood, California